Trisha Reger’s uncanny ability to listen to and interpret a client’s story makes working with her an extraordinary experience. Her understanding of how to design for the life that will be lived in a space has led to a multi-generational client base and consistent repeat work.

With twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Trisha has a reputation for approaching each project with grace and accuracy. She has a background in set design and a degree from Mt. Holyoke, after which she went on to attend the New York School of Interior Design.  After working at Donghia for many years, she formed her own interior design firm in 1989, and her portfolio now spans New York, Los Angeles and London, country estates, urban dwellings, island retreats and luxury yachts.

Inspired by the work and words of Albert Hadley, among others, Trisha seeks to give her clients what they “never knew they wanted.” Her interiors are known for their imaginative reflection of the client’s lifestyle and for their architectural logic.  Trisha finds solutions that work while upholding the integrity of the design.

Trisha says of her approach, “I like to create a refuge for people in their own homes.”   As one client remarked, “It’s so much more than lovely rooms; it’s a lifestyle.”

Credit for the photography on this site goes to Phillip Ennis, who captures in images the sprit and energy of our work. Visit him at PhillipEnnis.com. phillipennis.com.