Home. Design is a sojourn that celebrates the elegant and eclectic reflection of your vision, your passion, your life.

Journey. Transcending the everyday, this excursion is a joyous occasion replete with both grace and indulgence. Urbane service, exceptional found objects, and a complete interior—from exquisite furnishings to sumptuous linens—are standards, not exceptions. 

Relationship. A gracious and inspiring rapport is the centerpiece. As the collaboration cultivates, your delectation is the aim. Simplicity is a defining element. You collaborate directly with principal Trisha Reger and a senior designer. Still, the entire Reger team dances behind the scenes to nurture your project — to a complete perfection. 

Art. As metaphor, home design is art. A space is newly defined with drama, life, and thought-provoking creativity. Layers, colors, and texture bring the canvas to life. Whether transforming a smaller, more intimate project or one from the ground up, Reger assists in setting the stage. On opening night, we bring the celebratory champagne to help you commemorate this momentous occasion — the pinnacle where all of the pieces fit together, delightfully. Life imitates art. 

Life. Let it begin. Effortlessly. Step into a home that is the most gracious expression of your desires. The essence of your life. Perhaps your wish was to transform a room. Enjoy the embodiment of your vision. Perhaps you asked us to select every single detail from luxurious linens to tabletop jewels. Simply arrive with your suitcase. No matter your design sensibility or scope, we strive for total,  impeccable completion at closure. Welcome home.